You may notice that the fragments Doing this for all of them gives the following:


That looks to me like


The two missing numbers are: Because: What then do the numbers represent? Here, we need to use a second piece of knowledge...


The sequence can be completed using image: How come? Because each of these graphs represents: How should we complete the sequence? Of course, this makes good sense of the title too, since:


The output from your test Phrase "Saraswati, the goddess of learning." is: This is because: Adding it all together:


From the hints we can infer that The first one is easy: We'll skip the second for now and move on to the third one. OK, on to number four. Number five: Now let's step back to number two. Finally, the sentence given in the hint is:


I'd say your difficult-to-remember song is most likely: Based primarily on: Words similar to the partial lyrics listed are found in the following songs also released in the 1990's: Gardens, new cars, and a house up in the hills. Oh May, do you want to get married, or run away? Now I'll get over you, I know my ship's not sinking. Potentially of note is ...

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