How about this arrangement: If all of these categories are correct, then the municipality which would satisfy all 7 categories is: PS It's also worth noting from the comments that there are a few alternative linguistic categories that would also work to produce the same final connecting municipality...


You must be which It's also


Are you It has


I believe you were at... Longest in its kind across the globe Where five of seven meet the shore Here the rights are set in stone To cruise along the world's floor Shells of wisdom, in a warm basin Within which lies a land of freemason Toward evening from the father's waters With lonely monarchs and the mockers


I am still not sure about the wordplay of number 4 and part of the wordplay of number 10. I am confident, though, that the theme is The clues: It took ages before I could finally solve a Cryptic Family Reunion™ puzzle! Nice tricks overall.

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