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Maybe your friend is using Because then the 'D' key:


The answer is: Because:


All the rooms in this hotel correspond to


Your friend does all his writing using: He is constantly rewording sentences and editing his writing. He is also quite new to editing with this software. You should really send him a command cheatsheet, so he can stop abusing his keyboard and, more importantly, his flexor tendons.


Her name is Her phone number is Because The translated message is: Which, converted to plain text is: The result above Translating this, we get: These are the Which spells out the following: Which are the Giving us her phone number: Which, pop-culture tells us belongs to:


You are a: and the rooms are: 1st floor: I poked my head into room 130 and saw someone with a deck of cards. She was staring intently at it, then flipped the top card over with great conviction. She then sighed sadly and scribbled something down on a notepad. 3rd floor: There were a bunch of unsavory mobster-types hanging out by room 364, so I kept ...


A different possibility:


As pointed out in the comments by crcroberts, this particular room is Final picture: Full explanation: The DJ from Moscow was pumping out tunes. The house mostly bare but for furniture, strewn; A sofa for three and an armchair for one. The guests started piling in, looking for fun... 'Twas Elle who came first, seeking somewhere to slouch, She leaned on ...


Well perhaps


We'll just apply a bit of science assuming they were born in same year as well:


I think that the next number will be Because you are watching The numbers are called out by Addendum


The number of participants The 50 cans of drink The number of policemen


The answer is


This is a compilation of many previous answers and adding of my own. Most of the credit to Paul Evans, Sleafar, charfellow, and question_asker (in no particular order). The answer is: You've probably seen me naked. As an alphabet aficionado, I can make you laugh long into the night. As a make of Japanese vehicle, I can keep your surroundings clean ...


Could it be that


Two things jumped out at me as soon as I saw this puzzle. Firstly, the mixed-case letter strings on the far right. Several of them look like Secondly, the all-caps letter strings in the middle. Several of them start with what look like Looking at it a little more closely, I noticed that So let's fill in some of those letters and see where we get: On ...


You are Despite my name, I wasn't the first: Because of a difference in trajectory My "younger" twin was born 16 days before me. We were recently joined by a guy with a towel And our fictional brother lost all but one vowel. Though more than hundredfold faster than a speeding bus, You are actually right now catching up to both of us.


I'm thinking your neighbors are and the package is 501 502 503 (You) 504 (Your brother) 505 506 507 The Package


Your business seems to be ... Panda, Brandon and commenters have already figured out ... So let's do that and we see:


I think you are I'm half of a hundred and both halves of a Belgian detective, two thirds of solar exposure and one eighth of an Age.


Perhaps they are: Because.


They were born on


Apply some other bit of science, assuming they were born at the same time,


Following on from NudgeNudge who got halfway with This can be shortened to Adding where we initiated Whats inbetween and the two lower rated this combination leads straight to a street we keep going southwards till we know we're beat So the answer is


Partial: We start in a city that rhymes with angina, the masculine form, add in what's drunk in China, then take phylum's first six, of the minor kind, components will make what in our hand we find.



Albert's seat has number 13, that I know, but he weighs... (insert rummaging sounds from the direction of the knowledge tag) Clark and Albert sat at the same old table they'd met at years ago. As per usual, there was hardly anything to drink and they'd had nothing but sips between them. Near Albert, there were some scraps of bacon, and an egg, scrambled. ...


Looks like Once all of the places are found,


He names it Because the naming convention:


The boss has encoded the numbers using: For example: The numbers are thus as follows: My contact @hagfy (real name unknown) has identified this as the highly-advanced ...and has used enhanced decryption capabilities to obtain the final location of the anti-shrink device:

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