Using only combinations of either single or double button presses: Using 1 press Using 2 presses Using 3 presses Using 4 presses Using 5 presses Total For anyone curious as to my internal process of coming up with these values, I made a quick chart of each type of press combo and how many variations there were for each type, with x indicating it has ...


You have all the possibilities using only single button press Then the possible combinations using one pair are: Then you have the possibilities using multiples pairs: Adding all cases, you get: Which is the expected answer from the question!


Well, let's see. It's possible for 1 to 5 buttons to be pushed to create a combination, so let's calculate the number of possibilities for each individually, assuming you can pick the order of the buttons to be pushed. 1 Button 2 Buttons 3 Buttons 4 Buttons 5 Buttons Total


I believe the salesman may be underestimating the possibilities. In addition to Excited Raichu's 325 arrangements there are the following possibilities: 1) 2) 3) 4) So the total could be at least


Your lock looks a lot like a Kaba Simplex. This lock allows for codes where the order in which the buttons are pressed matters. Also, it allows for buttons needing to be pressed in unison, or not at all. Each button can be pressed only once, though. Going by this assumption, we have: 325 Single Buttons Codes Let's start by just pressing a single button at ...


I see my latest attempt is similar to @excited-raichu's answer, but I have a slightly different count... There are Of those, there are: Each can be pushed in: So:


If you are allowed to press every button one by one only, the answer will be; which includes non pressing any button to unlock as well. But it seems You are allowed to press two buttons or more at the same time with one finger. But after this point this requires a computer programming in my opinion so I wrote a simple program which calculates all ...


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