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A puzzle in which you need to find and follow links to successive images in order to progress. Note: Historical puzzles reference "", but the images have been migrated to "".

How do these puzzles work?

In order to progress, you need to identify the unique image code for the intended image hosted on

How do I find the next image?

Historical images, uploaded before Stack Exchange migrated from an Imgur-based service to an in-house service, will have a 5-character code, such as this image:

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The image above has the code 'z4TVQ'. Its URL is

Images uploaded after April 2024 have a 7-character image code.

So if you are solving or making a puzzle created before the Stack Imgur to sstatic migration, you should look for a 5 symbol phrase, an eight symbol phrase that ends in an image file format, or an encoding of a complete URL in that format. (Note that even if the URL leads to the deprecated Stack Imgur service, the image code will work on For puzzles created afterwards, those values are increased by 2.