Question about the Homeworlds board game in which the players try to colonize the space in an epic, galaxy-wide struggle between Good and Evil.

Homeworlds is a board game in which each player controls a fleet of spaceships of different colors to explore the space, colonize star systems and attack the other players with different goals depending on the team they belong.

At the beginning of the game each player is randomly assigned either to the Good Civilization or to the Evil Civilization: Good civilizations try to work together to eradicate Evil, while Evil civilizations crave only senseless destruction. The players start with a small initial fleet in their own Homeworld (which is a binary star system) and they are eliminated as soon as they don't own at least one spaceship in it.

On each turn players can perform one or more of this actions, depending on the size and color of their spaceships:

  • Construct to build a new spaceship.
  • Trade to change the color of one spaceship.
  • Move to transfer one spaceship from a star system to another or to explore the space.
  • Attack to take control of enemy ships.

The complete rules of the board game can be found here.

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