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PARTIAL ANSWER What it is 19, 20 and 21? This is something about: What is B, P and AB? What more?


This is not, strictly, an answer, but … Six?  You only want six? has twelve letters, of which all seven consonants are Roman numerals.


Alternative Answer


Similarly (but more cheekily) close is: Note: N was used (at least once) as a roman numeral representing nulla, the Latin word for 0! ;)



I suspect it might be


So, going in the thread of @AndrewSmith's answer, I'm going to fully answer the question here: You worked at: The first who came and worked with me was fresh from Ivy League, But at twenty-two her labours brought her burn-out and fatigue. The second one could rival her, just as strong and smart, But one day pushed herself too hard and sadly fell apart. ...


Are you working at:

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