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Another possible approach Examples Filling in the unknown boxes Which means the code could be


Possibly right answer To find the number in the middle of a strip, This suggests that the required code is Certainly wrong answer posted earlier, left here so as not to hide my old mistakes: I will be astonished if this is the intended answer, but it is consistent with the information provided [EDITED to add: ... no, it turned out not to be, because I'd ...


I ran it through a program and it spat these out as the possibilities: I checked some at random against a list so I think they're correct.


Is the passcode A convoluted rule which stretches to fit all Using this we get for unknown numbers: The three middle numbers are As we need 6 character passcode,


I will guess that it is My reasoning is that


My answer: Below is Meant as comment, but alas @John S posted the following in a comment at It is missing data. However: Also:


The odd one out is the This is because Safe Cracked!

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