It seems easy enough to explain how most of this applies to But why in particular? (I've looked in a few places and everyone agrees that this specific thing is the intended answer.) I think there are two clues. The first is in this bit: My frettings loudly rush and ring Above the people and most clearly sing When I forth-fare on air I'll quote a ...


The definition And the wordplay is I haven’t heard of that container indicator used before, but it does appear in this list of containers (apparently it can mean ‘breathe in’, thanks @jafe!). The abbreviation also is very uncommon but does appear in things such as ‘pro-am’.


I would look at one guard’s shoes. If they were black ( or any other color ) I would ask if their shoes were black. If he says yes he is the truthful one. If he says no then he is the liar. I would then enter the truthful ones door.

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