The answer is: Because the lines of this riddle represent: 10 is the password, the weapon of choice; 9 tracks your progress, and 8 the sung voice. 7 tracks your speech; then 6 will accuse. 5's bright and 4's hollow; 3's nearly sin if I lose. 2 is in 3 and in this riddle thrice. 1 is the solver, a char will suffice.


I'm missing the answers to a few clues, but I suspect the king may have been The oracle speaks The King - Greetings, wise Oracle. Tell me, if the Gods approve, where should I go to war? The Oracle - Gamble strike a feline throw just away the useless french wine. The King - That... is not very helpful... And what is "french" anyway? Nevermind, my ...


The answer is Method: Each set of 4 symbols represents Following round the arrows, the next set of 4 symbols represents Specifically: Working through the individual clues: OXOO -> ?XXO tells us ?XXO -> ?X?? tells us ?X?? -> X??O tells us X??O -> O?O? tells us O?O? -> OXOO tells us Rechecking what we learned so far Which confirms the ...


I think the story is: Here's the image:

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