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So we have the 'sum': $$22+$$ $$4\;=$$ $$82\;\;\;$$


(Thanks to f'' for the help in chat! He solved the majority of this puzzle - I just came in at the end.) Step 1: Crossword The crossword was solved by feelinferrety, Z. Dailey, and Sleafar: Step 2: NOTHEX Step 3: Using The Key you get a message for all four paragraphs: Step 4: Following Directions Step 5: The Image Step 6: Interpreting Everything


In French:


My suggestion:


The gang was the notorious The victim was because The gangsters are, I believe:


The word is The images are More precisely,


The answer is: this is why:


Solved it! Spoilers ahead: P.S. I think this window is brilliant :-)


After a period of thought, you approach the door triumphantly in order to type in as the keycode. As you do so, you recall the reasoning that led you to this conclusion. Putting together the torn sticker, you saw a number of strange symbols in a gridlike shape. Fortunately for you, a calling card was left on the scene, describing the working mechanism of ...


And thank goodness we don't use those any more.


"What kind of trouble am I in?" You're... having a small stroke? :P But seriously:


Her name is Her phone number is Because The translated message is: Which, converted to plain text is: The result above Translating this, we get: These are the Which spells out the following: Which are the Giving us her phone number: Which, pop-culture tells us belongs to:


The hidden message is which you can get by


The number of participants The 50 cans of drink The number of policemen


I noticed that four of the nodes of the graph have a quarter missing, and each of those four is missing a different quarter. With this... Though many people might convert these numbers into letters starting with A=1, this would result in the nonsense word "mddckd". All C programmers know that we should start with A=0, which means the numbers convert to "...


Answer Solving


Short : Details:


More partial answer, work in progress: As noted in Rupert Morrish's answer: The hint: So if we decode the cipher text found above using that cipher and key, we get: So if we ROT-13 the remaining still-encrypted part, we get: And.. I'm not sure where to go from there. If I was forced to give an answer right now, I'd guess that ...and that's as far ...


At first, this solves fairly simply. The pictures are: And the message is: So, what do we do next? The trick to this puzzle is that...


It's Because To elaborate, ASCII is a standardized representation of text which assigns a numeric value to 128 different characters. The RGB color space is an additive color model where we mix red, green, and blue in different proportions (in this case, as fractions of 255) to make any color we desire. These mixtures are commonly written in the form #...


The real trick to this puzzle is: To get the answer, we


What you're missing here is the chance of playing at all, given that the game ends when someone finds the prize. (or, chance of finding a prize goes to 0, which is the same thing) Person 1 has a 100/100 chance of playing, and a 1/100 chance of winning. Person 2 has a 99/100 chance of playing, and a 1/99 chance of winning. Person 3 has a 98/100 chance of ...


The answer is as pointed out, Added info: To get the answer: OP edit: here's a gif that might help visualise the above explanation: Also note that the clue poem states: Brilliant puzzle - used to love these kinds of tricks in D+D.


So, you want me to... I vote to close as "unclear what you're asking". ;) The solution:


Your business seems to be ... Panda, Brandon and commenters have already figured out ... So let's do that and we see:


The problem with the calculator is: The hidden message, then, is: Sorry, don't have access to much by way of image-editing stuff atm, so can't do the pretty pictures.


The club is a The calculations are So the answer for 21+3 is 23. Twelve is a special number, in that Edit from the OP: According to it


The message for the SE Admins is: This can be found by looking at something hidden in the answers to each of the clues: Albertan politician who succeeded Lucien Maynard (6, 7) Approved for passport authorization (6) Famous stage direction from The Winter's Tale (4, 7, 2, 1, 4) Method of hiding messages undetected inside images, audio, or text (13) ...


2.72 1000 x 10000 Relatively speaking I think Grandpa is a genius

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