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I came up with this pattern, which probably is not the desired answer but it's worth sharing anyway. From Rand al'Thor's answer: Now I noticed that if you order the countries by their given number: So with this logic we can answer the first question with: The answer to the second question would be: Answer to the Third question: So the valid word is: ......


Hints I understand the meaning of the hints: Puzzle structure My guess is that the puzzle involves Supporting this is the fact that But I'm not sure what to do for the numbers with more than one digit: for example, On the other hand, Answers At least I can partially answer the third question: And the first question: For the second question, I'm mostly ...


B: BLABBY (3/6) E: GREEGREE (4/8) G: GIGGING (4/7) L: BELLPULL (4/8) M: HAMMAM (3/6) O: BOOCOO (4/6) P: POPPER (3/6) S: CLASSLESSNESSES (7/13)


Current records: A - araara (4/6) ~ New Zealand jargon for trevally Q - duqqa (2/5) ~ an Egyptian spice P - poppop (4/6) ~ informal term for grandfather (not validated yet) Invalid suggestions: A - laalaa (4/6) ~ a Senegalese language Links: araara, duqqa, poppop (it's listed under alternate forms), laalaa


A Number Word™ is


I think the answer is Put a P, then Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva will turn a goddess into this. Put an R, you speak it more than writing it. Put a T, I become e-learning. Put a G, then I become a floor.

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