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This is a With the key Which decides the cipher text to the required ‘THIS PHRASE IS VALID’ The actual intended solution was:


I am not sure if this warrants its own answer, but I suspect you are calling them This is because The name and the property might not be related too directly because arguably the name is much easier to spot than the property, and should thus not give away too much of the actual puzzle. EDIT: The connection might be via


These words are


An HTM Word is one which: Like so: As for the name:


Answer is


Do possessive nouns count? Also, is there a specific dictionary that the word has to be in? For S, the word "suss's" (4/5) would beat out "assess" and "sasses." If possessive nouns aren't allowed, then "susses" would tie for the record (4/6).


The harder version: ...................


Solutions to this (the 'base' puzzle) are relatively easy to find. Here's one solution of very many: The harder puzzle seems to be only reasonably attackable through computer search, though... even with a few guesses at the last word, making sure the white squares anagram to the right thing doesn't seem to be very human-doable to me.

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