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22 Steps using Knight -> Rook and Queen -> King from jafe's answer


25 steps


Here's some other words that should get you free ice cream: But why? The answer lies within Words with no two: Words with a two: Now the only question I have is what kind of training the cashiers go through to figure these out.


I’m thinking this is wrong, because there are some words that break the pattern, but could it be that So a word that could get you ice cream is I have no idea if this has anything to do with anything, but So could I have a scoop of


This fits for 1.N:


I think #2 is Although those aren't really opposites, as the first means "readily apparent" while the second means "unaware of what is readily apparent", rather than "hidden or obscured".


For #1: For #2, a pile of not-really-opposites (but I don't find the "official" answer very convincing either, I'm afraid): (Note: I am using computer assistance, which may be disqualifying depending on @Trenin's intentions.) The following were found when I was under the misapprehension that #2 was looking for LL rather than LI. The first is mostly a joke....


I have a guess, though it doesn't seem to quite fit: I'm fairly confident in this even though it doesn't quite fit:

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