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This is We begin with Then We continue on to and then cut to at which point and then again we have an abrupt change of scene to and yet another to and yet another to at which point and after which My list so far hasn't included because The title The main characters are Credit where due:


⏪📅👸❤️🤴 ⛄:👸✂️🔲🌲👀❄️→✂️💧❤️→❄️ 👸💭👶🏻❄️👄🔲 🤰🌟👶🏻👸☠️⚰️🤴😭 🤴❤️👰=😈 😈:🖼️∃😍>😈❔👎 ⏩👶🏻→👧🏻 😈:🖼️∃😍>😈❔👍👧🏻 👿:😲😡💭☠️👧🏻 👿💰👨‍🌾←👧🏻❤️ 👨‍🌾👀👧🏻😍 👨‍🌾🔫🐖→❤️→😈🍴 👧🏻😨→🐺🐦🐸🐀🐇🐿️→🌲🌲🌲→🏚️→🏠🤩→👧🏻🛏️🛏️🛏️ 😴😊🤧😠🤐🙂🤓⚒️💎→🌙🏠👀👧🏻😲🤔👍🎶 😈:🖼️∃😍>😈❔👍👧🏻:❤️🐖 👿:🤯😡🤬👨‍🌾🤥 ☀️🤐🤧🤓😊😴🙂😠⚒️💎 �...


Got them all!


It looks to be Some of the characters:


The country is ... Solutions to the cryptic clues: Now ... We are looking for ...


Looks to me like Because


Here are my answers for the numbers I believe I have exhaustively enumerated all possible sequences; a proof that the preceding and following numbers are not constructable will be forthcoming.


Creating the community wiki as suggested: Numbers Letters Connections:


I think it is Edit: As it has been asked in the comments below my answer and it's probably not clear for everyone how I came to my answer, here are my thoughts:


These are ... In particular:


I think that


First I thought it is one of the bond movie(ahh... how foolish) It is pigs emoji representing and Second hint gives Here is the link


Ok, pretty sure I've cracked the code. Mostly. The dots So, for example, starting with number 1 you have: which is connected to letter A: Number 4: Letter B (this is the first one I got, actually): Letter G: Number 3: But, So that's all I've got right now, but I think it all pretty much fits. I will try to solve some more tomorrow. Maybe someone ...


This is my attempt, but I hardly believe it is correct: Here is the entire crossword: New Answer Final Answer: Oh, finally! I think I got it this time. (If I haven't, then I will look at the other answers, including the accepted one, because I haven't done that either!) I have included what I got correct in my new answer and what I did not. The comment ...


Solved, Some artwork,


Another (and now revised) attempt, with some different thoughts than others so far: 3 across: 4 across: 6 across: 7 across: 1 down: 2 down: 5 down: 6 down:


may i suggest the following Next try is and I also would keep I would change and then add I could keep But it doesnt fit with So i try


To directly answer your questions: 211 -201 There is an algorithm to construct the formula for a given integer, but to find all emoji-primes it is more efficient to compute all permutations instead. I've written a brute force implementation that outputs all possible formulae and emoji-primes: The full results are ...


Partial answer -- Feel free to use this for your own answer. I believe the solution for the first question is: Below I have a list of equations for positive integers up to that value. I've omitted over some of the values when the pattern can be surmised. 0 = 0 1 = 1 2 = 2 [...] 10 = 10 11 = 10 + 1 [...] 19 = 10 + 9 20 = 2 * 10 21 = 2 * 10 + 1 22 = 3 * 10 -...


To get started:


Too long for a comment. And cheating? Via (Community-wikified, feel free to edit.)


I'm going with... Why? Not sure 100%, but worth a try! EDIT: After some investigation, rather than just guessing, I've found this might be the film: I haven't seen the film, but after reading a bit about it I think it fits really good.


7 across: 6 down:

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