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Eureka! I've got it in four pieces!


This is mostly straight-forward, a matter of allocating the slack of For example, we can allocate roughly a third into discarding the inifinite tail. Conveniently, the integral from -inf to the cutoff equals the function value at the cutoff and we find that is in the right ballpark. We will chop the rest into equal intervals and and approximate the ...


A visual solution.


I didn't have a knife with me, so I only used my unit circle cookie cutter to split each square like this: I then rearranged the parts into this shape: Since the angle covered by this shape is exactly 120 degrees (see the final spoiler block to confirm), three of these make a nice circle, with some white shining through the gaps: Since the fit of the ...


How about this? Why does it work? Alternative cut:

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