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Partial answer Galaxians plus other games included in retro-release of Frogger (4) Learner in education made around 2,130,706,433 (9) Wine served in 1815 and 1905 vintages (4) Blink 172's reworking of Tin Lizzie's "Decor" (2,5) You are an American, an enormous gassy mass spotted in Bath (6) Kasparov's main rival in the 1990s (4,4) This female friend ...


Gladys is visiting The cryptic crossword: Unfortunately, Fortunately, For completeness:


Gladys is in the Clues and solutions: Many of these were also solved by @hexomino, but I haven't looked at their answers ... except that I wasn't able to figure out #10 and peeked at that one, which apparently was actually solved by Chris Cudmore in comments. Kudos to Chris! Piecing these together we get: There is one thing I don't understand:


Partial answer 1. A pope essentially munched alongside me during a period of fasting (7) Solved by Chris Cudmore 2. American car's air conditioning is beyond breaking point (7) Solved by Chris Cudmore 3. Black Prince, extremely exhausted, abruptly draws back (6) 5. Football club's anthem botched by small child (9) 6. For every leading actor group, a ...

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