My position has a fourteenth check too, but that's probably ok. :-) These are the moves: And here's the whole solution uploaded to Lichess. EDIT: Looks like 15 is also doable: The final check feels like such a waste of a piece though; the first fourteen checks are possible with white having only two pieces and a king: Again, here's the Lichess link.


I think you could make cuts as follows


For Queen: For Knight: For Rook: For Bishop: EDIT: A winning knight underpromotion I found. All other promotions lead to wins, but underpromoting to a knight is the fastest mate (mate in 1). EDIT: Thanks to RosieF for catching a huge error in the bishop part.


Here's a situation where promoting to queen is the only winning move: 1 h8=Q! wins 1 h8=R? only draws: Here's a situation where promoting to bishop is best: Promoting to bishop Promoting to queen Promoting to knight Promoting to rook As luck would have it, this morning, YouTube recommended to me a video discussing a win-study by Selezniev which ...


How about this cut? (With Region A as the base of the pyramid)

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