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A puzzle involving making connections between several clues in a list.

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curious inflection of English words

The agent-noun form of lingerie is frank. The present-participle form of military actions is lying. The past-tense form of sheep is permanent. The past-participle form of six-pack is urn. ...
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A Round Britain Quiz Question

This style of question commemorates the Round Britain Quiz on BBC Radio 4: the format is one, long, cryptic question which has six parts to it, indicated by the letters a-f. Please submit answers ...
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What does my wife want (again)?

After an enjoyable, if not very tiring, weekend, I was working when I suddenly remembered that it is my wife's birthday this coming Saturday! Frantically, I texted her, asking what she wants for that ...
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What game do I play?

Find the game that I know, Using the clues below. Subtractive unit, toad hesitation; Digital dungeon, show staircase; Pop dancing, tropical mint; Dog therapy, oil ring. Once done, find the sun - It ...
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What's the connection

This is the very first puzzle in the Only Connect puzzle book. What’s the connection? Reunion of broken parts Pebble Measurement of the Earth Triangle measurement
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Puzzle for New Year's Day '23

Group words in pairs and find connection with common answer. third heart chapters final squares length actinium immemorial A0 bible sodium sum time lion minor revelation
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Can you find the connection between these four images?

What's the connection between these images?
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Sounds like you need something to do

What word am I thinking of? Each group will give you part of what you need. Group 1 split, peel, bunch, dump Group 2 Vermont, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina Group 3 Merlin, Percival, ...
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What do these words have in common? (Season 12, Episode 254)

Here are some chosen words from a large group: angel bat cling dog glass hatchet ice king knife lamp lancet lion lung noodle oil parrot pin pipe rainbow rock sand sun surgeon tile trigger turkey ...
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A Cryptic Property

An entry in Fortnightly Topic Challenge #48: Unusual tag mix After solving the following cryptic clues, find the following properties: A major property that all ten words share. A minor property ...
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Crazy hard; essentially futile?

Who do you associate with these words/sounds?: Oath This sound Hell (as a name for something) Scoff Cuisine The answer is a (fairly well-known) person.
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What links these words?

What links the following words: Brawl Lost Dull Crackpot Jump Bunny Chemistry Plwmp Nasty
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What do These Names Have in Common?

What verb do these four names have in common? Copenhagen Danny Roger Tina Clues: If you get stumped on Tina, don't worry. It's a lesser known reference, and if you have a solution for the other three ...
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Letter Connections

What is the connection between each of these pairs and what is the missing letter? A is to G B is to P D is to Q F is to T C is to ? Good luck!
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Cultural Center

Samoan number Egyptian gas Filipino actor Czech sauce What do the above items have in common? And can you find another member of this set?
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Uncle Nestor's postcard crossword

Uncle Nestor is still finding ways to adapt to life inside a socially isolated bubble. Now that we are allowed to visit family members, I was helping him sort through an old drawer of postcards and ...
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A pack of wordsearches

In designing this puzzle involving wordsearches, I struggled to identify the correct collective noun for them. Asking around, nobody knew - a herd? A gang? A parliament?! After much prolonged (perhaps ...
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Crazy Cool Categories

I'm sorry about the title; I lost a bet with the '90s. Below are five categories. Each category is united by one word in the category; furthermore, each category rule is formed in the same way as the ...
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Divine apple island

Arrange the following words into pairs. What cities are being clued here? What city is missing? divine, apple, island, oxford, big, love, novel, lower, rival, refuge, saxony, odysseus, guidance, ...
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$\verb|Eight Circles|$

An entry in Fortnightly Topic Challenge #37: Rare and Endangered 1 Materials Pencil; Eraser; Blank A4 sheet of paper; and A ruler (also to use as a straightedge). Puzzle: Draw a square with a side-...
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Connecting the names

What relation do these five names share. Henry Eddie Murray Vic Roy
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A Cleverly Disguised Word

This puzzle can be solved as puzzle on its own, but its solution is also part of Deusovi's Community Metapuzzle. The answers to the following nine clues are closely linked. (Their link is related to ...
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I have added the link to a puzzle which I have asked in the math site.i will be glad if anyone helps me with this

Please go through the link which has my question. All the details I've included there. The first row is question and the second one options. Which comes next in this sequencing question? Details ...
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The box with the curious inscriptions

A librarian browsing the basement of a library came across an empty box. Its contents were missing, and to her annoyance even its label had been vandalized. The label did tell her that the box had ...
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What links these words together?

What non-standard and surprising property links the following words together? testing, ROM, Moore, Mealy, flip-flop, code, Microelectronics, rays, Widgets, plane Notes: The list is not exhaustive,...
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Linked pictures

Can you find the link in them? The answer should explain the link in all three of them.
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literally no idea

Clues What a conductor gives to an out-of-tune player? You perform this in Spring Sung by musical miners? Those behind bars keeps tabs on this Sounds something like a big colourful Spanish bird ...
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Complete the (alpha) sequence riddle

Fill in the blank below (as indicated by the underscore: "_") to complete the unique sequence:     T _ M R P     Rules/hints/clarifications: The answer is to be in the form of an American-...
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A set for which the majority have a common theme

Sometimes it's fun to be a little too literal. The family being pushed repeatedly. The reach of a ring. Electricity of darkness. The gradual destruction of transportation. Unable to marry alone. Some ...
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The mystery of NOC +10

NOC +10 On March 6th, 2015, a YouTube channel named "Noc +10" was created. Since that day, this channel is uploading some really darkly mysterious videos. I will start saying something ...
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Link the hints to solve this one, starting with Michael Jackson

This is a linking puzzle, where you get 8 hints, and 7 links between them. Michael Jackson made a song for this film. 1.-2. The link between the animal of clue 1 and the fictional person of clue 2 ...
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