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To begin with, here are the answers to the trivia questions: Now we enter Red Herring Central: However, with these 4 groups like this, there is still one item which fits in none of them (OIL), so one group must be incorrect. Now that a hint has been dropped, and we know that one of the groups involves wordplay, it is clear that the wall should actually be ...


Group one: Group two: Group three: Group four: Word which links the groups together: Title: A Connect Wall You Can Count On


This seems a bit farfetched, but I looked though a few of the OP's historical connect walls and determined they are pretty liberal with red herrings, extra "unused matches", and stretching the idea of groups, so I am considering this at least within the realm of possibility. The key here is to note OP likes to make "at least four" words ...


First group: Second group: Third group: Remaining words: Partial answer - hopefully that's acceptable for a Connect Wall puzzle

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