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OP here (hi!). I have awarded the green checkmark to @MOehm's answer for being the most complete (the LITS solved state is presented, the hidden connecting wall is identified, and the final one-word answer has been found). I also highly commend the answer by @Sconibulus for verbalising a logical path through the LITS grid deduction process and being first to ...


The topical word is: The LITS solution is: The next step: First level: Second level Third and last level: Remarks:


Partial answer, stuck near the last step. LITS solution: Diagram (apologies for messiness): Pulling the words out, we get these lists: These look a little like they might be Connect Walls... and I've maybe got these categories? L I T S


Partial answer for the LITS, I believed I have encountered an error. The big aha moment (putting it early to not waste time): And now, Some more logic: A very nice little step here: And now I think I have reached a contradiction. And this is the problem: For the other genre: EDIT: I would fix this today, but it's getting late where I'm from, so ...


The answer phrase is The missing words, sorted into two groups are: Thanks to Jeremy Dover for supplying the two that I was missing. The groups are:


The four groups are:

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