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Full Solution 1 matter = []; matter.append('857'); matter.append(str(wrench)[8:]); matter.append('38479') 2 import math, sys, random, glob, pickle 3 tool = int(matter[0]+matter[1]+matter[2]) 4 String gear == (duble(5/5)+math.pi[4])/3 5 whilis(true): 6 print(random.randnums()) 7 tol += 5++ 8 for bit in piece: print(chr(int(bit)...


Partial Solution: The numbers can be rewritten as: Therefore, the next term should take the form of: As for the $x$, I found that it increased by 0.5 or 1 every time, although I don't really know the exact pattern. So I think the answer is


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A partial answer only at this point, I am still working on this and hope to come back to it later! My suspicion is that this relates to More specifically, I think that I need to do some more digging to find out how the characters would map to the square to make this work out and decode it. Update: No matter which way out I label the squares (a-z0-9, 0-9a-z,...


The first rebus, figured out by Feryll, is a hint to: The second rebus shows: Then, based on the Morse code deciphered by Feryll, we are supposed to: This is clued by the axis labels and the first half of the Morse code: The result is the string: Then using Feryll's correct identification of the image hosting site in question, one can convert this to a ...


Observations so far:


Well since Hints123 were not helpful for me - I was stuck on 1-4 part for 5 days, so I show u at least my progress. First part: Second part: Third part: Fourth: Fifth: Sixth:


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