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A puzzle related to chess, a two-player board game with white and black pieces of varying ranks.

Chess is a strategy game involving two players moving pieces on an 8×8 chessboard.

There are six different pieces:

  • Pawn: can only move forward, except to capture pieces, in which case they move diagonally.
  • Rook: can move horizontally or vertically anywhere.
  • Knight: can move a "knight's move" all at once, which is two squares in one direction and one square in a perpendicular direction.
  • Bishop: can move diagonally in any direction.
  • Queen: can move horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.
  • King: can move horizontally, vertically, and diagonally, but only one square at once.

And there are a few more tricks, such as castling, promotion and en passant.

The goal of the game is to checkmate the other player's king - that is to position pieces in such a way so that no matter what move the opponent makes, their king can still be captured.

To learn how to play chess, a good place to start is

Chess variants play a big part in chess puzzles, as do mathematical chess puzzles, such as Knights Tour or 8-queens.

Questions that only involve the board itself and none of the pieces should be tagged instead.

Questions related to the game of chess itself should be posted to Chess Stack Exchange.