In the bottom right corner, in the 6-clue pointing right, you know: This forces: The bottom right corner falls to easy deductions: Next: Finishing up:


You can start in the area near the orange cursor:


(Dupe, but with pic) You have an X-wing of ones at the bottom right, so you can place the 1 in the 12 clue:


The answer is


The answer is: We can work out the values of each icon (GIRL, BOY, HEART) by solving the first 3 equations: The trick to solving the final equation is the same as for all internet puzzles of this type - you have to notice the additional icons hidden in the image. In this case:


The answer is because and so (This is a step-by-step answer, so you can treat the spoilertags, after the first one which is a one-word yes/no answer, as successive hints towards the solution. See how few you need to look at before figuring it out!)



Further to @DrD's finding that the answer to the first puzzle is: The answer to the second is that C equals:


Since the OP does not call for "no partial answers", here is answer to the top because

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