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Sums in a (very small) box

I placed one of each digit in the squares: It looks like all of the conditions are met.
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Sums in a (very small) box

All digits once, no rotations:
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Before the Common Era

The crossword and KenKen can be solved like so: The highlighted letters read Reading we find that Gladys is at
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Find the ciphering method 2

Encoding Following IlCorsaroNero's idea of adding all the numbers together, we instead try to multiply all the numbers in the message, to obtain the number ...
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Sums in a (very small) box

There's also another solution:
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Python Conundrum 2: Guess The Place

I think the location is If you execute the code with the right values, it outputs which is The keys are derived as follows (in progress):
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Figure Out The Language: Min

Whether this solution is correct or not depends on what - / "Minus" is supposed to do when used as a binary operator instead of an unary one. Full ...
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