They were born in the year In fact, note that


I think you'll start partying in 4886 days because I didn't use the tip but possibly


How to get the answer: Hence, So, Still being edited...


I would argue that this is a poorly specified puzzle (as is common with these things). @MacGyver88's solution is completely valid. But you could equally say In fact, if you assume that this is a column-by-column operation, you could set up a system of simultaneous equations to figure out what that operation was (assuming it was linear which is not ...


So, the solution might be Here's how I did it


because: 7 is the value for g, which is the first letter of "green", the sum of the values of the letters in the word is 49, and "3" is for "cube", 49^3=117649. Just like "19" is for "square" refering to squaring "[red]" and "[yellow]"


Alternative solution




For sake of completeness, I have done a computer search and have found that 40 $\tau$s is the absolute minimum one can achieve. This can be done using Ian's expressions for 1–13 and 17–20, KSmarts' expression for 15, and two new expressions for 14 and 16: The only expressions requiring 3 $\tau$s are those for 11, 19, and 20, and exhaustive search has shown ...


to move 3000 bananas by 1 km, camel consumes 5 bananas which with five trips. so not when number of bananas are less than or equal to 2000 the trips required is 3. so to consume 1000 bananas 5x = 1000 move 3000 bananas for x=200 miles ( 5 trips). we are left with 2000 bananas. now we have 2000 bananas and we can move bananas in 3 trips 3x =1000 move ...

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