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You, the self-critical author, think this puzzle is As Biocryptics P3 of emanate C6 of maniac F5 of paroled O4 of throne G11 of seashore P7 of raptor The answer is Chemicryptics Ringtone followed by an umberlily A burly lime precedes a foul rein A grin note A con bar with eg. Onyx Put together we have Physicryptics A Gerbil OBE is French ...


Possible starting point for the Right/Wrong words: There are quite a number of possibilities for each though, except for Given that the OPs comment below hints that this is special, perhaps it's that Taking a stab at the others anyway: Giving us the letters: Which seems of no help whatsoever


The first part of the third set also includes: EDIT 1: And a stab in the dark (ignoring, for example, the sequences of letters derived from each set of clues): Whence we find the place where you are spending your vacation: EDIT 2: It seems we've found the answer but not the solution. Following mohirl's investigation into Right Words: Or, alternatively ...


For the last set, About the yet unsolved, I have completely no idea.


You are spending your holiday The first letters of the title say Homophone pairs: The pattern: So word for nine is Right word These first letters of the new words Wordplay user70451 found 1 and 3, I found 4 and 5 and oAlt found 2, 6-9. Go check out their answers for explanations and consider leaving an upvote! I won't be explaining the solutions here, ...

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