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Children lie and say they have my prefix when they don't want to go to school. Dating singles will use my infix to refer to the 2 of them. Wise men will examine my suffix so that they could improve upon themselves. Every children's book needs someone doing my whole word. What am I?


I think that again we are looking at 3 affix homophones, which make the whole: My prefix might be your response if your crush asks you on a date. You may liken your relationship to my infix when things are confusing between you. I advise that you take my suffix if you plan on any sort of intimacy. Altogether, if you are impressed by him/her you may use ...


I think this affix-riddle uses three homophones rather than relying on the exact spelling of the affixes, and the answer could well be: My prefix is what you might do with your date. You and your date may use my infix as a pronoun to refer to the two of you. You would be happy if your relationship between the two of you does my suffix. All together, I am ...


I think you are I form especially close bonds with others. Remove my infix, and my superior quality is apparent. Remove my suffix, and you will become sick of me. Add a Cl to many of me, and I will burn your house and the ground below it.


I think the word we're looking for here is Steal my infix and expect to earn Steal my whole and get exposed Steal my prefix and forever burn Steal my suffix and silence arose


I believe the answer is: Steal my prefix and fire shall arise. Steal my suffix and someone dies. Steal my infix and differ from guys. Steal my whole and go reorganize.


Hear me out here - after Hint 7 I'm pretty darn certain that the intended answer is: Allow me to explain... The word I am seeking is not very long, it's part of a show, where connections are strong. The prefix is meant to be one single word, that's made by cute kitten, I guess you have heard. The infix is silent, but still in the name, it's commonly used ...


I think the answer may be: Steal my prefix and perform a sacrifice. Steal my suffix and venture all over ice. Steal my infix and a shove from fatality. Steal my whole and forget a part of me. PS As for the title, I don't think this is relevant to the word itself - instead it's purely to set the tone for the rhyme: 'brutal' in the sense of a human/animal ...

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