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I want this to be a comment on the 'spanish thing' but for some reason I can not enter a comment. rot13: Gurer ner n ahzore bs fcnavfu jbeqf uvqqra va gur jbeqfrnepu tevq. Gur barf V sbhaq ner Yhan (zbba), Fby (Fha), Fhq (Fbhgu), gvha (lbh), fna (fnvag), cn (sngure), rf (vg vf)


Answer The country your sister most recently visited is: The reasoning: What's next: Moving on: The last step: Some final notes: Regarding the handwritten note: A final easter egg: I absolutely loved this puzzle! It hit the exact blend of "curse you" and "a-ha!" moments to make for a really enjoyable time. I sincerely admire the ...

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