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[Attempt #2] Some parts of this may be a bit stretched, but hopefully it's close enough to the solution. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 i sail eastwards sleep i concede riches i could earn musings of nights spent oblivious of need Conclusion One place that links all the clues is [Attempt #1] I have 2 possible answers. But let me try this one first. The ...


Here's a guess: Because:


It is observed that Which may be interpreted as The phrase usually refers to so I think that the writer is heading to


How about: The words of the riddle form: I then reason that:


The method: First one: Second one: Third one: Fourth one: Fifth one: Sixth one: Seventh one: Final solution:


Partial Answer (first step figured out, vague thoughts on the second step) If you you get I'm not sure what to do next, though: it seems likely that we need to


The acrostic of the lyrics say So perhaps it's Rhythm seems alike, but I can't find mature language tho


Partial answer to "Explain the title": Aye - Bye - Gye - ?

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