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Puzzles where the genre or solving strategy of the puzzle is not explicitly stated; puzzles where the puzzler must deduce what type of puzzle it is.

67 votes

The Madman's Speech

Short : Details:
  • 4,890
7 votes

Lodge, Cheers,?

Cryptic Answer : Cryptic Explanation : Full Explanation :
  • 4,890
1 vote

a paid day/cOmes, goEs away quIck, So/much became/of a juco

Here is a Starting Point: That was the crux of my earlier comment: Does the slash indicate closeness or separation ? Meaning : Is "a paid day" one unit or "day/cOmes" is one unit ? Does the comma in …
  • 4,890
0 votes

What kind of birds?

Area 51 Icon looks like sunny, and remove (less) the Capital and take the following letters to get rea. Area 51 background is a moon with a few aliens in flight. So couple all this with Bird to get …
  • 4,890
7 votes

Nine Obscure Fellows

Short answer : Details :
  • 4,890
13 votes
4 answers

ALIEN Counting System

When humans finally came across some aliens, living below the Martian crust, the strangest point was that the myth of symmetry was broken. Humans had assumed that all intelligent life forms would be s …
  • 4,890
1 vote

ALIEN Counting System

Now, Starman & Shawn Holzworth & JS1 have given correct answers, and I have accepted the answer by Starman, which was the fastest or most complete. Here I want to Explain the Clues:
  • 4,890
1 vote

When will I see my friend?

  • 4,890
4 votes
1 answer

Political Bantering Puzzle

Simply Puns Or Cryptic Clues In BOLD: Sitting atop a tall chair in the garden, one English Politician P was having his Evening Beverage, His American Neighbour N was asking "Our Admiral can write Pro …
  • 4,890
3 votes

A poorly approximated crossword

Across Down Still Thinking:
  • 4,890
2 votes

Choose your guardian wisely!

Left Guardian is ... Right Guardian is ...
  • 4,890