##Mapped Path and Thoughts on Stanza Seven##


**Below is the map showing the path for stanzas 1-6 (confirmed correct by OP)**

>! HT-DT-DO-EN-BE-EU-??-??<br><br>
>! ![Map][1]


**And here are my thoughts for Stanza Seven:**


>!  - Two because you can like up the Roman numerals "IVIV" to create two downward arrows (per [Zandar][2])<br>
>!  - Four because the Roman number "IV" is the Arabic numeral 4<br>
>!  - Eight because the Roman number "IV IV" is the Arabic numeral 4 twice, or 8<br>
>!  - Four because "15" looks like "IS" and there are four cells between the two IS cells<br>
>!  - Five because "15" looks like "IS" and the distance between the two IS cells is five<br>


>!  - East because lining up the Roman numerals IVIV vertically creates to downward arrows and down on the map is East (per [Zandar][3])<br>
>!  - West because "two one fives" could be "two single fives" in Roman numerals is VV which looks like W (this won't work if we're not allowed in the ocean)<br>
>!  - North because moving from the closest to the furthest IS cell is north<br>
>!  - South because moving from the furthest to the closest IS cell is south (this won't work if we're not allowed in the ocean OR if we have to move more than one cell which is likely and would move us off the map)<br>

  [1]: http://i.stack.imgur.com/7MtN0.png
  [2]: http://puzzling.stackexchange.com/a/15079/9000
  [3]: http://puzzling.stackexchange.com/a/15079/9000