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My Actual Final Song to Riley

Okay, this is my final Riley Riddle (and not my previous one), because I could not resist...
...and that meant this had to be even better.

Riddle me this:

My prefix will pray with an S,
My suffix is red with an A,
My infix, so ill with an F,
If only affixed with an E.

Because the answer is SAFE.


The answer is not "safe / SAFE". This is genuinely true; no wordplay involved.
And although the answer is safe... it can likely be the result of crime.

Hint 1:

Although the verses do not rhyme,
I tell you this is not a crime.
Well, now it rhymes, but see not that!
A word at end, you should look at.

Now changing how you say this word,
Will highlight even when absurd;
Though then you might add properly,
To find the sharing property.

Hint 2:

The three main parts I have described,
Have two such elements inscribed.
The first is in the prior hint;
The second is the fingerprint.

Now every word has much intent:
To rhyme and secretly present.
For instance, I used "prior", why?
It punished the unjustified.

Major Hint:

I used the word "affixed" for a reason. E needs to be added to each affix; e.g.,

There exists a word that contains an E and is frequently used to spray.
Because this word is the Prefix + E, take E out and continue in that way.

The answer might just come to mind if injuries are what you find.

Any edits that I make will either be hints or grammatical improvements. Also added the knowledge tag for the second hint (though very little knowledge is required).

I would also like to point out that nearly every word is used with an alternative purpose as opposed to making things rhyme. This is to say, they each have clues.