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Single Speak - Twice the same word

I've checked out the Double Speak puzzle and really liked it, and hoped to get more of it, which I did. My thirst had not been sated though. Because of that, I've devised a collection of 20 riddles that need some rewording. The correct answers should give the same word twice!

  • A good penalty
  • A tedious drilling
  • Simply fair
  • Departure of a fraction
  • A common commander
  • A reasonable noise
  • Dividing silverware
  • Weightless wave
  • Spread a dimension
  • Observe time
  • Hand a token
  • Save what's left
  • Unpleasant grid
  • A lift raiser
  • Transfer a haven
  • The correct direction
  • Be aware of the brain
  • Abandon permission
  • A just market
  • Make a movement