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Another partial answer that builds on previous answers by Bass and Barker and on Xenocacia's observarion. I might well be heading into the wrong direction here.

It has already been found that ...

... the poem consists of the names of some of the 64 hexagrams in I Ching. Xenocacia has found that some of the letters in the image are slightly lighter. These letters spell Morse.

Now, ...

... the hexagrams have numbers, but the also consist of six horizontal bars. These bars are either broken (Yin) or unbroken (Yang). The hexagrams in the poem are:

  ||||¦|   13   Fellowship with men
  ¦||¦¦|   17   Following
  ¦¦¦¦¦¦    2   Receptive Earth
  ||¦|¦|   37   Family / Clan
  ¦|¦¦¦|    3   Difficulty at the beginning
  ¦|¦¦|¦   29   Abysmal water
  |¦¦¦|¦    4   Youthful folly
  |¦|¦¦¦   35   Progress
  ¦¦¦¦¦¦    2   Receptive Earth
  |||¦|¦    6   Conflict
  ¦|¦¦||   60   Limitation
  ¦|||¦|   49   Revolution
  ||¦|||    9   The Taming Power of the Small
  |¦¦|||   26   The Taming Power of the Great
  |¦¦|¦|   22   Grace
  |¦||¦|   30   Clinging fire
  ¦¦¦¦||   19   Approach
  ¦|||||   43   Breakthrough
  ||¦|¦|   37   Family / Clan

(The hexagrams are shown sideways here, tilted by 90° to the left.)

Unfortunately, ...

... I haven't found a way to get a sensible Morse message from these hexagrams. An obvious way would be to read them top-down (or left to right in the table above), where an unbroken bar is a dash and a broken bar two dots*.

Other possible readings are to substitute an unbroken bar by just one dot or to place all hexagram next to each other and then read line-wise. None of that has given me any useful readings, but that may be owed to the difficulty of reverse-engineering a stream of unseparated Morse signals.

I think that the numbers scibbles in the margin — 4, 3, 3, 3, 2, 1, ... — might refer to the length of either the first words or the first Morse-encoded letters.
*) When I do a web search for "hexagrams morse", one of the first results is a preview of The Book That Proves Time Travel Happens, which suggests just that and shows that the clinging Fire reads tuna and the Family decodes to mix.