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It all started with a door. A door I had never seen before. "Where will this door lead me to?", I wondered.

Ere the job, after the day
I am armed but gone astray
Close your eyes and look at me
Dive deep down, what do you see?

The answer must be 5 letters. It is

Dream - you sleep an dream after the day, armed is an anagram of dream - armed astray, you close your eyes to sleep and dream, and it has to be a deep sleep

Which using the conversion table gives

vxPtg.jpg which is

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Assured that my own dreams wouldn't betray me, I stepped in. I found myself in a room. What route did I take next?

Many of us make it a case
It is I that the star does embrace
Stir a stir, put air down street
I go up and down but lack feet

Which is

Stair - star embraces 'I' to get stair, stir 'a stir' for stair, put air down street for stair, they go up and down with no feet

Which is

pukte.jpg which is this image

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The stairs took me above, to another room. Half-noticing the writing on the wall, (I live in your imaginations) I went _____

Coming, I lead; hence, I follow
Find me in scarf or the pillow
Front of the face or top of the head
Call me, hold me, set me. 'Nuff said