First off **THIS ISN'T A PUZZLE.** It's a question about puzzle making, as the title suggests, though I thought I would make it clear, as I can see someone out there making a puzzle with such a title.

**The title is misleading slightly, I want this for my own personal gain, though I feel others would benefit from the answers too, in all honesty though I didn't know what else to put.**

So here I am, Sat at my desk, hoping to get some information, because I love puzzles a lot.

What I wanted from this community of well spoken, amazing puzzle makers and solvers, was some advice on how to go about making puzzles. What's my best approach, what I shouldn't try to do, etc.

I was going to go ahead and attempt to make a riddle, however the current meta topic of sandboxing has thrown off my confidence a little, as I think it's a little strenuous and that my first ever puzzle would just be thrown under and forgotten.

Any tips on how I should go about it, What techniques, knowledge, or other things do I need to know about beforehand?
For example, I see a lot of questions that include the need to decipher things using ASCII or something like that (I honestly don't know if that's right because I only know of Ascii as a programming language that I heard a few times from a friend.)

I don't have any programming knowledge. So I think having me work up a puzzle from that would be a little strenuous on my part, which I don't want. Though would it still be a good idea to get a little knowledge?