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Could it be

our shadow?

"I communicated with you, not by normal means."

Our shadow is there to mimic our moves.

"The illusionist did everything it seems."

Shadows are the result of light.

"Proximity can make me very shy."

If we try to get close to our shadow, it either shrinks, moves away, or disappears.

"Without a bunch of these you would die."

If we cannot cast a shadow, our body does not exist.

"The bee, the seasons, maybe some more,"

No idea. I guess because everything is capable of casting a shadow.

"Who am I? All alone, no knock on the door."

Our shadows have no one to talk to, they're silent, etc.

As for the "alive, dead, alive, now dead,"

our shadows come and go depending on which setting we're in. Sometimes they're there, sometimes they're gone.