Okay, *this* is my final Riley Riddle (and not my [previous](https://puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/72014/my-final-song-to-riley) one), because I could not resist... <br> ...and that meant this had to be even better.

>>**Riddle me this:**

>*My prefix will pray with an S, <br> My suffix is red with an A, <br> My infix, so ill with an F, <br>If only affixed with an E. <br> <br> Because the answer is SAFE.*


> The answer is **not** "safe / SAFE". This is genuinely true; no wordplay involved. <br> And although the answer is safe... it can likely be the result of crime.

**Hint 1:**

>! Although the verses do not rhyme, <br> I tell you this is not a crime. <br> Well, now it rhymes, but see not that! <br> A word at end, you should look at. <br> <br> Now changing how you say this word, <br> Will highlight even when absurd; <br> Though then you might add properly, <br> To find the sharing property.

**Hint 2:**

>! The three main parts I have described, <br> Have two such elements inscribed. <br> The first is in the prior hint; <br> The second is the fingerprint. <br> <br> Now every word has much intent: <br> To rhyme and secretly present. <br> For instance, I used "prior", why? <br> It punished the unjustified.

Any edits that I make will either be hints or grammatical improvements. Also added the `knowledge` tag for the second hint (though very little knowledge is required).