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Questions tagged [wordplay]

A puzzle which incorporates a form of wordplay, such as puns, or which requires wordplay in order to find the solution.

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Cookie Unionization

My Christmas cookies are gone! When I came into the kitchen this morning, the box was empty. All that remained were a few crumbs and this note: We absconded. You never saw that coming, did you? Well, ...
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They are all K-verbs

Find the missing verb. G: Fold, Break, Pry D: Reduce, Vibrate, Rob B: Soak, Subtract, Thrash J: Sleep, Squeeze, ? Subtle Hint: Moderate Hint: Decisive Hint: Very Decisive Hint:
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Find the secret 7-letter message embedded within this message (unsolved)

Background This puzzle was originally from a puzzle contest for the USC Viterbi Magazine that is now over, but the answers have not been posted. My friends and I have been working on it for weeks, but ...
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Answer to the question: "Who Wins?"

Crié ala caleverti miku'ilatmo doci pramilerfu Hint: Non-Youtube description of video contents (for accessibility/posterity purposes):
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7 clues that fit a squid

7 clues that fit an octopus, a monkey, the monkey's brother, the monkey's cousin and a Siamese centaur. small adorned place you can drink after about the kind I like to meet be1oved teacher ...
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©Law of True Love

Katy flipped again and denied payment after the police left. Professor: "Hey! Please provide your parent’s number." Katy: "Sorry I flipped! Anyways I live with my aunt! Please dial ...
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Relax, I’m Kidnapped! - Part 2

Part 1: Relax, I’m Kidnapped! - Part 1 You manage to solve the crossword, and you show your captor the answers. “Well, you solved it…but I’m not done yet. Go to my room,” he replies. He directs you to ...
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What we should have

The answer is a 4-letter word.
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A splash of Minecraft?

I was playing Minecraft the other day and came across a beautiful splash message. Subsequently, I was inspired to create a puzzle for it. Svir, look out below! Shorty's slang stays surprisingly stout....
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The Mantra Riddle

A sentence that can never fail A broken foot without its tail Almost there... reverse one sound By turns mundane and quite profound. The mantra is your compass then Your watch to know exactly when It ...
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Honda tutu del moto - Words which say something

You find a paper lying on the sand. Does it mean something ... an imgur maze, maybe ? Cultures reserve glasses. Twin economists migrates with tails in a fine risk. Conglomerate ... voo dun saga waga ...
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Time Rules - a fraud case

Agent J of Time Rules, a sub-division of the Bureau of Inter-temporal Fraud Force (BIFF) shook his head. Since 2041, when quantum computers had inadvertently created entanglement through time, rogue ...
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Alphabet II: Unified Alloy Bonds

As always, good luck! Caution your tongue, the king you will abide. Scribe! Yes sire? The new table will arrive soon! Seat it left of seaside. Hints The ...
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Is the OP on mushrooms?

What two words am I looking for in the puzzle below? (The title too is a clue). 35437 When a Deity sees its reflection, Clip the best of rediscoveries approximately. Blow has been blown when it is ...
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What was her sentence suggestion?

I'm a judge, and I'm currently judging a littering case. I was going to go with the usual sentence of a public hanging, but when I texted my friend she gave me a much better idea The problem is that I'...
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A Riley, in Song!

Should Puuuuzling be forgot and not, broooo-ought to this siiiiiiiite (please shorten), And middle full of glowing leeeegs, And end, Alor to flyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! (Did I mention this shows the way?) (It’s ...
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