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Wordle is a word-guessing game where players have a maximum of 6 attempts to guess a 5-letter word. After each guess, players are told which letters aren't present in the word at all, which are present but misplaced, and which are placed correctly.

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A Trivial Pursuit #09 (History 2/4): Windows 7

This is part 9 of A Trivial Pursuit, a 25-part puzzle hunt. Each part is solvable on its own, with the exception of the meta-puzzle at the end. Colourblind-friendly version available here. Puzzle in ...
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Quordle: Killer Guess

The last time I played Quordle, I didn't perfectly match any of the four words on my first guess. But my first guess did give me enough information to fully deduce the solution. (Note that a solution ...
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A version of Wordle that accepts Hollywood movies

I was playing a version of Wordle that accepts only 5 letter Hollywood movie titles. This is how I fared. Which WB movie did I enter at last?
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How to be bad at Wordle [closed]

There are many sites that help with solving Wordle, including some that use Information Theory to find an optimal solution There is also a New York Times app called Wordle Bot (behind their paywall ...
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What's the minimum number of five letter words that form a haiku, if it's possible at all?

Inspired by Wordle, I wondered if it's possible to have a Wordle game that forms a haiku? The question is in two parts: Is it possible to form a Haiku using only five letter English words (e.g. using ...
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What is the longest Wordle game?

If you play Wordle in hard mode, with unlimited guesses, then you must solve any puzzle eventually. This is true because there are only a finite number of valid five-letter words, and it is not ...
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Annual letter from my friend

I have a friend who sends me a letter once a year. It's usually pretty clear what they're trying to say, but this year they sent me a weird block of squares, and I have no idea what it means. What's ...
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Crosswordle Puzzle

Billy is not good at Wordle. He insists on guessing words in such a way that the columns form words, too. Here are some crossword-style hints for Billy's words: Can you determine the underlying ...
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Liar Wordle - Yet Another Wordle Variant!

In Liar Wordle, standard rules apply except each row contains exactly one clue of the wrong colour. For instance if we consider only the first row the correct colours could be Y-B-B-B-Y and the ...
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Wordle: is 4 all-gray guesses possible? [duplicate]

Obviously it is not possible, using optimal word guessing, to have 5 completely gray guesses. But is it possible to have 4 completely gray guesses before getting the correct word? Put another way, are ...
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Wordle Pictionary Puzzle 2

This was inspired by some < ahem> sub-optimal guessing strategy < / ahem > by one of my Stand-up comedian friends. The basic concept is the solver must guess a multi-word phrase using a ...
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Wordle Pictionary!

Inspired by the new game of Wordle, I have created a new type of puzzle combining Wordle and Pictionary. The left image represents a phrase of six five-letter words. Normal Wordle rules apply: Green ...
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Can you fail at Wordle without making mistakes?

This question assumes a knowledge of Wordle's innards including a review of its source code. This blog is useful background reading. Is it possible to fail (six unsuccessful guesses) at original ...
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How many Wordle images are there?

Wordle ( has recently become a well-known word guessing game. The rules are simple: … a five-letter word is chosen that players aim to guess within six tries. ...
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What dictionary is Wordle based on?

The US Scrabble dictionary only has 9,000ish 5 letter words, of which a good portion are plurals, and then there's the list of "dead" words in the code and then most of these words are not &...
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What's the optimal strategy for Wordle?

Wordle is a game by Josh Wardle in which you try to guess a 5-letter word in at most six attempts. After each guess, the letters which are not in the word are highlighted in grey, the letters which ...
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