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A puzzle whose answer will be a word or a set of words but not a phrase or sentence.

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Meteor strikes again

Part of a phone call: -...well why didn't you just say so? -It wasn't as easy as you thought, Jack. All the power lines here were destro--- -I know...It's not like we're living on a different planet ...
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12:41 puzzle: colorful geometry

The answer is a 4-letter word. I will not be giving any hints. This puzzle is very old. The puzzle is solved using only the image (no clues to the puzzle in title or description).
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They are all K-verbs

Find the missing verb. G: Fold, Break, Pry D: Reduce, Vibrate, Rob B: Soak, Subtract, Thrash J: Sleep, Squeeze, ? Subtle Hint: Moderate Hint: Decisive Hint: Very Decisive Hint:
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Do you see the point?

Original puzzle by me. Remember to always obey your superiors. The first one should be 08594. Hint:
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Stress Not! - A North Daniels' Puzzle

Beep, beep, beep, beep... No, this was not the sound of D.S.I North Daniels playing miniature cricket on his phone, although that would be a preferable situation to the one he is in now. Unfortunately,...
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Rare but Abundant in Hill and Hole

I am uncommon, But a worthy goal. Rare but abundant In hill and hole. Who am I? You may already know the answer, so the task is not to answer the riddle per se, but to solve the following 'What is a ...
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©Law of True Love

Katy flipped again and denied payment after the police left. Professor: "Hey! Please provide your parent’s number." Katy: "Sorry I flipped! Anyways I live with my aunt! Please dial ...
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Travelling Europe

Coming from Antwerp on the day Florin resigned, Louis and Evans brother watched the match at the old forest lodge and with Louise, but without Cécile, they visited the first movie of the day. ...
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What's the relation between these clues?

Find the relation between these words a.k.a. clues in the sentences below: Zombies prefer to stay beside elevators. Evil country produces thousands of money. I was eating fast food in that vehicle. ...
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What does my wife want (again)?

After an enjoyable, if not very tiring, weekend, I was working when I suddenly remembered that it is my wife's birthday this coming Saturday! Frantically, I texted her, asking what she wants for that ...
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What we should have

The answer is a 4-letter word.
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A Board of Words

bathe halt the onion onto aim trend mean ate What three-letter word am I? Hint: Major hint:
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The Author of a Note

After finding this note, I've pretty much gone to the ends of the earth to find the author's name. Maybe you can help me? Suppose I want my room to be a weird color. Something uncommon, like purple. ...
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Help With Dan Brown's Unsolved Puzzle

Dan Brown has an unsolved message on his website There are hidden symbols on 5 JPG images and 5 PNG images that overlay the JPGs. JPG Images:,,
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What game do I play?

Find the game that I know, Using the clues below. Subtractive unit, toad hesitation; Digital dungeon, show staircase; Pop dancing, tropical mint; Dog therapy, oil ring. Once done, find the sun - It ...
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What is this beast? A riddle

A snake-sounding head A snake-looking tail I fly with just 2 flaps And I lay just eggs What am I?
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AWS Quest - First Clue

AWS are hosting a puzzle hunt: - the first clue is here: The only thing we have to Amazon Sphere is Sphere ...
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There is a riddle whose answer is one word only. My friend, who loves puzzles, gave this to me. Riddle: GoneToNajIsSquatAndSmellLetsTryShellSomeZooAJockShisSunThatSangAHlnt My guess: If you combine ...
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A Riley, in Song!

Should Puuuuzling be forgot and not, broooo-ought to this siiiiiiiite (please shorten), And middle full of glowing leeeegs, And end, Alor to flyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! (Did I mention this shows the way?) (It’s ...
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A mysterious letter in the mail

The other day I got a letter in the mail.... It was a weird one, one that obviously boasts a puzzle. The Letter It states the following I like pigs, don't you? Won't you come and see the piggies with ...
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Longest sentence using 4 letters (and punctuation marks)

Inspired by Long word using only 4 letters - Using only four distinct letters and four punctuation marks (e.g. commas, semicolons, and apostrophes, not including the ending period), can you form a ...
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