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A puzzle whose purpose is to play with words in order to find the solution.

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Largest number of letters used in five-letter English words [duplicate]

What is the largest number of letters one can use in making five common five-letter words in the English language? The following list covers 23 letters: TREND, SWAMP, BOUGH, FLICK, JAZZY Is it ...
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A Trivial Pursuit #24 (Sports and Leisure 4/4): Color Pattern

This is part 24 of A Trivial Pursuit, a 25-part puzzle hunt. Each part is solvable on its own, with the exception of the meta-puzzle at the end. It’s been a tricky day. After yesterday’s eventful ...
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I ask you to find a game, then a place in the game and finally make a screenshot

Clues to find the game: I drive a lot. Everything I eat tends to poison me. Passion neon. Do you like kombucha? Clue for location in the game: boys, boys, boys (I’m looking for a good time) Clue ...
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Where can I get free words list for my word games?

I'm making word games. Where can I find free word lists (English, French and German) that are free to use, even for commercial purposes?
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The answer should be in the form of a question, like jeopardy but with a bit more ~fantasy~

The answer to the first is not bad or inferior. The answer to the second is not noise or agitation. The answer to the third is not evil or corruption. The answer to the fourth is not ...
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Remove a letter, make a new word

I have created a new puzzle, very similar to anagram puzzles. You will be given several lines to solve in order to finally solve the puzzle! For example, "He's ____, and he's never coming back,&...
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Worth a t(h)inker’s...?

Reward will be waiting, deliver! delay? The era of puzzling starts now, yes, today! Some time needs some spending, go tinker away. That green tick will never decay!
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ASCII art troubles

Please look further only if you're 18+ and not of a sensitive disposition. The puzzle consists only of the image above. If it doesn't look sharp enough, you can click on it to enlarge it. There's no ...
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4 pics 1 word game answer explain

How the four pics resembles alphabet. Can anyone explain? I can only see there is just some Greek letters like omega and pi and one soup picture?
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A Plethora of Plurals

Please find words that have the following properties: A word that becomes its plural when the letter "s" at the end is dropped. A word that becomes its plural when the first two letters are swapped. ...
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Calling all autologicians

A word is autological if it describes itself. For example, pentasyllabic has five syllables and thus is autological. A word is heterological if it does not describe itself. For example, monosyllabic ...
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Help me get my free coffee!

I just reached my desk and I noticed a piece of paper in front of my computer, reading : Antimissile demander Flamboyant dollars Subchapter unclassified Bladed fundamental Impersonated ...
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Science: Spaced Out and Obfuscated

Although very short on time, I wanted to participate in the Fortnightly Challenge so I have recycled a format that I had intended to retire. Hopefully, it has not entirely worn out its welcome. ...
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Spaced Out and Obfuscated: Afterwards Phone Number Abbreviation Heredity Unit Portion

This is, I think, the last of the series. The description of how these works is here. The answer is an English sentence. Enjoy. exclamation confined chop enclosed by index
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Spaced Out and Obfuscated 2

If you haven't seen it already, my explanation of a spaced out and obfuscated puzzle is here. I have a sequel. Here is my spaced out and obfuscated version of an English proverb: pasture ...
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Spaced Out and Obfuscated

In this puzzle I took an English phrase, spaced it differently, then replaced the resulting words with synonyms or definitions. This is an example to show you what I mean. Spaced out and obfuscated: ...
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Change a letter, add a letter [closed]

This is based on a word game that as far as I know was invented by my friend's Dad. The goal is to make as long a word as you can, starting from any three-letter word, using the following rule: You ...
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