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A puzzle that incorporates a visual component like pictures, diagrams, drawings, etc. Do not use this tag for puzzles that discuss geometric objects without displaying them.

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Decrypting the Key: "Phage is Spreading.."

I've been trying to solve this puzzle called "Phage is Spreading.." ...
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Alternate, complex potions puzzle from HP fanfic

A long narrow room. The entrance is blocked by purple flame, the path onward blocked by black flame. On a table, the only thing in the room, are two dozen potions in opaque bottles. Half green glass, ...
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Determining the meaning of a challenge coin

I saw this rather cool looking challenge coin the other day, and I was wondering what the associated binary on the back of it means, as it isn't standard ASCII. In plaintext: ...
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Qubes: Oh, For the Love Of

TL;DR: This is a mixture between a tribute/spin-off puzzle and an attempt at a new puzzle type, greatly inspired by the notorious arcade game, Q*bert, published originally by Gottlieb Amusement Games. ...
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Hidden message in rap text II: "Ya, a ray 'ave july joy!"

This puzzle is inspired by this one by @LukasRotter. Hopefully you don't mind me using similar (well, basically the same) format as yours, Mr. Rotter! ;) The same rapper released another teaser for ...
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An Attempt at AV Puzzle

Here's another puzzle with visuals and sound. I hope you enjoy it! With Sound: Static Image (the musical notes represent the music in the YouTube video): Hint 1 Hint 2
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April Fool's Enigma

Every year, a famous French youtuber (e-penser) presents his enigma of April Fool, but this year, targeting specifically a group of people who have done particularly well last year, he raised the ...
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A funny looking cipher puzzle

What secrets does this jester hold? Hints are found down the road. A hint, or rather, that what is held transcribed:
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Dreamcatcher Puzzle

I created this puzzle as part of a set of puzzles about good wishes for a wedding. Does it work?
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12:41 puzzle: colorful geometry

The answer is a 4-letter word. I will not be giving any hints. This puzzle is very old. The puzzle is solved using only the image (no clues to the puzzle in title or description).
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We found text from the year 2040!

Recently, the first surviving examples of text from the ███████████████e discovered! The unearthed artifacts included a collection of rectangular tablets inscribed in the hitherto unknow███████████████...
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Do you see the point?

Original puzzle by me. Remember to always obey your superiors. The first one should be 08594. Hint:
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10 friends of a triangular baseball batter

"I'll do it tomorrow" "Lattices and nets are my forte" The paved one A shadowy character A place where organic and inorganic meet Older brother of a piece of text A job title. Do ...
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Try to solve the “Mexican Puzzle”?

Can you solve this puzzle I created last week?
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Truly unexpected thingy in a Radcliffe novel!

Ann Radcliffe was an English author in the Gothic style at the turn of the nineteenth century. Among the many interesting points in her remarkable career though, one little story is but poorly known. ...
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"PRI" puzzle with line drawings, including some shapes

This is a "PRI" puzzle that was posted on a reddit question.
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Connect dots on a grid with one continuous line (optimization)

(This question is the third puzzle of the Connect dots puzzle series. You can find the first two puzzles here and here, respectively. The original question and photos originate from webadventurer. ...
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The answer to this visual puzzle is a name

The answer to this visual puzzle is a name
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Off to the sky!

What bird is represented below?
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Mr. Bean's Ridiculous Way to Work

If you saw Mr. Bean as a kid, or ever, you know how crazy and unbelievable he is. In this scenario, Mr. Bean lives in the bottom left house and works for the school at the left, but he always takes ...
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What type of puzzles are the statue puzzles in Super Lucky's Tale, and what method should be used for solving them?

This question is about a set of puzzles in the video game "Super Lucky's Tale" (as well as its Nintendo Switch remake "New Super Lucky's Tale"). They are known as statue puzzles as ...
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Problem #NaN Fodder/Output

Inspired by Ben Franks' Input/Output Problem #1 and the others in the series Hint: Knowledge required is
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Solve the matrix #2

Can you solve this one? I'll give a second hint if needed. hint
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THIS mux be EASY!

Here's a hint: my favorite color is yellow.
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Will you regret solving this puzzle?

It's February and you walk into the Smithsonian American Art Museum. A piece of artwork was recently bought for $2,061,966 USD, but you are confused that the museum bought this ugly artwork that even ...
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IQ test question - squares, triangles, dots

I have this question from a friend. We have no idea where to start. What is the correct answer and reasoning? Source: "Ghid de pregătire pentru concursul de directori/ directori adjuncți din ...
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Here's the song, now tell me the title!

You ever have it happen where you know how a song goes, but you forget its title? I've heard you guys are good at figuring stuff out for free, so I'll just drop some notes here and let you guys do ...
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The New York Time's "Letter Boxed" Puzzle (spoiler)

WARNING: I solved this puzzle and posted a solution below. I'm posting this more for muse. Hello! I don't know if anyone's enjoyed this puzzle on The New York Times website, but I find it rather fun. ...
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What does this prove? (2)

Since 30 characters is required, here's some fluff: Illuminate Your Mind with our brand new product of ... just kidding we don't have a product lol... Hint:
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What we should have

The answer is a 4-letter word.
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Digerati IQ test

This question contains spoilers. After making the Digerati IQ test ( there are three questions where I still don't know how they come to ...
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I Need Help Solving A Riddle - Its Just An Image?

So I was in this hackathon competition where they promised the people who placed in the top 3 a lot of money and then they delayed the results two weeks. Yesterday, when they were supposed to announce ...
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How to hide coded messages in kaleidoscopes

Has anyone ever made or ever heard of making coded messages using repeating patterns or colors in kaleidoscopes? I had the idea for a project and was wondering if anyone had any experience with ...
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What are the patterns in these two matrices?

I found these puzzles on, and could not figure out the solutions to them. Any thoughts? I also posted this on Reddit. Including the link here in case you'd like to see more people'...
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A visual crack the code puzzle

Just have this now what are all these acronyms refer to and what is the code ?
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Fill the blank with an image that fits into the given set

I tried to make them not too boring. The intended solution is very hard so I tried to slightly hint at it by implementing multiple solutions that lead to the same answer. I also tried to make more ...
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