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A puzzle whose solution is a methodological plan of action for realizing a specific goal.

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Quantum tic tac toe strategy

Most of us learn tic tac toe early in our life. Also, it is easy to find an optimal strategy for playing. How about Quantum tic tac toe? What is the optimal strategy for playing it? Rules On a ...
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Gold and silver coins in sealed envelopes

Alice has freely chosen to put either a gold coin or a silver coin in each of an infinite sequence of envelopes numbered 1,2,3,... Bob can open any number of envelopes and check the coins within, ...
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A Glutton and a Split Check

N, T, A, B are arbitrary constants in this problem. I have only definitively solved the N=1 subproblem, so, if the general problem cannot be solved, I will be satisfied to mark as accepted a solution ...
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The Jumbled Jaunts of Jormungandr

Jormungandr, the Snakebot of Doom has left New York. The world's armies and air forces have been decimated and cannot stop it. It has moved on from New York, and has flattened the following North ...
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By what rules are they changing the switch?

First of all, I don't know the answer to this question; I have some ideas, but nothing rigorous. Apologies if it's not on-topic. I have solved the puzzle now. Suppose there is a light switch in a room....
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Police and Thieves

I played this game when I was young, but cannot find it online. It is played on a checkers board (e.g. the black squares of a chess board) between two players P and T. The game goes as follows: P ...
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One vs many. Can white force a draw?

On an infinite chessboard there's a single white king and N black kings. The nearest black king must be K moves away from the white king. Given N, white dictates the value of (finite) K, then black ...
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Strategies better than brute force for solid-color areas of a jigsaw puzzle, where the pieces have the same general shape?

I have a jigsaw puzzle that I've been working on for a while where I have somewhat stalled out because the remaining pieces/areas are all solid black (or if there are color variations between them, ...
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General Approach to Solving Cryptarithms

I have recently started honing my problem-solving skills, starting with number-related puzzles. Cryptarithms have appeared frequently, so I was wondering whether there is some sort of general approach ...
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How do you force a win in 4x4x4 TicTacToe

I have read in the wikipedia page of TicTacToe that it is possible for the first player to force a win in a 4x4x4 board. I tried to find a strategy on how to do it online but failed. So, how do you ...
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What are some tips to solve an environmental-based enigmatic puzzle (EBEP's)?

First, some rough definitions: enigmatic puzzle: a problem where the goal / answer should be well-defined (e.g. enter a certain word or phrase into an form which is accepted; find a clue to a ...
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