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A puzzle that requires finding hidden data in various media forms, such as text or images.

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Decrypting the Key: "Phage is Spreading.."

I've been trying to solve this puzzle called "Phage is Spreading.." ...
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April Fool's Enigma

Every year, a famous French youtuber (e-penser) presents his enigma of April Fool, but this year, targeting specifically a group of people who have done particularly well last year, he raised the ...
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Signatures of serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards?

This is from a real-life murder-mystery. In 2009 Edward Wayne Edwards was arrested and convicted of five murders, following a tip-off from his daughter April. Former detective John A. Cameron ...
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Ode to a Nightingale: a puzzling study in literary criticism

The field of literary criticism is an interesting and fruitful one, in which puzzlers might carve out a niche. This was recently brought home by a conversation I had with a sagacious old gentleman in ...
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A funny looking cipher puzzle

What secrets does this jester hold? Hints are found down the road.
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What is a 255b Word™?

This is in the spirit of the What is a Word/Phrase™ series started by JLee with a special brand of Phrase™ and Word™ puzzles. If a word conforms to a special rule, I call it a 255b Word™. Use the ...
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Truly unexpected thingy in a Radcliffe novel!

Ann Radcliffe was an English author in the Gothic style at the turn of the nineteenth century. Among the many interesting points in her remarkable career though, one little story is but poorly known. ...
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Is my colleague happy with me?

So I graduated last year with a chemical degree and I started working in a lab. I'm still pretty nervous about making mistakes, so when I had to prepare a tricky experimental setup, I wrote down what ...
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What's in the picture?

Find what is depicted on this picture. Hint 1: Hint 2:
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The Official Stack Exchange Spelling Bee, sponsored by *something something*

Behold, the First annual official amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing Puzzling Stack Exchange Spelling Bee! With hard words! Harder puzzles! And conveniently pre-signed-upped competitors!!! insert canned ...
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Will you regret solving this puzzle?

It's February and you walk into the Smithsonian American Art Museum. A piece of artwork was recently bought for $2,061,966 USD, but you are confused that the museum bought this ugly artwork that even ...
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Here's the song, now tell me the title!

You ever have it happen where you know how a song goes, but you forget its title? I've heard you guys are good at figuring stuff out for free, so I'll just drop some notes here and let you guys do ...
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Help with an image I'm assuming is cryptic

Got sent this on Discord, and I need help with identifying if it's like anything secretive or etc. Here's a zoomed version of that string: ...
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Stuck trying to figure out a hidden message: Sharknado

As part of an ongoing "treasure hunt" in an online game that I take part in, there have been several forum posts made in an attempt to hint the participants to finding certain locations. ...
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