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For puzzles that presented themselves, with real parameters and consequences, during otherwise non-puzzling activities.

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Signatures of serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards?

This is from a real-life murder-mystery. In 2009 Edward Wayne Edwards was arrested and convicted of five murders, following a tip-off from his daughter April. Former detective John A. Cameron ...
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Need help with a cipher: "poems" with capital letters

I am trying to figure out a cipher I think I found in a book from 1982 and it's a 36 year old mystery we are trying to solve (I will reveal the book if this turns out to be something so everyone can ...
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Can you help me recover this message?

So, in May 2018, a friend and I were sitting in study hall, bored. Both of us had finished our homework early, and we were trading ciphers over email. I sent something that I had encoded, and neither ...
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