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A question about categories, mechanics, or effects of puzzle in general, or about scientific research on puzzles.

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Creating a puzzle with rotating parts and logical approach

I am a game developer working on a project and I had an idea to create the following puzzle. There are two robotic "tentacles", each with 4 joints. The player can control some, but not all of the ...
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Magic-preserving Permutations on a 4x4 Magic Square

Messing around with some magic-square puzzles, I faced the problem of deciding whether some two magical squares are, in fact, the one and same square wearing a different hat. It seemed to me, that for ...
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Ask about "Delay Creates a Conclusion"

In a Messenger group full of logicians: "Does anyone here understand the concept of sequential logic in digital circuit theory?" said someone. There is a long pause, no one replied. And when all ...
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Sudoku and guessing : theory?

It has been proven that the minimum number of givens for a uniquely solvable classic 9x9 sudoku is 17. The usual solving method followed by people is : Fill all the cells where you are sure there is ...
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Is there some comprehensive, overall classification of puzzles?

Currently, I've begun to study puzzles and wonder if some book exists or something which breaks down all puzzles to types and describes them. I'm not a native English speaker, so I might be confused ...
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'Companion Planting' Logic Puzzle - Is there an elegant solution?

Problem: You're a vegetable gardener planning to plant out seedlings in a new garden bed, however your farmer's almanac has outlined a system of rules about what plants can and cannot be placed next ...
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How to choose the best answer in puzzles?

I gave my friends a lateral thinking puzzle There are six eggs in the basket. Six people each take one of the eggs. How can it be that one egg is left in the basket? My intended answer was But ...
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Can I solve Cheryls Birthday with formal logic? [duplicate]

There is a lot of fuzz about this Cheryls Birthday thing - and I understood the solution after a couple of deeper thoughts about it. But what I am more interested in is; is the puzzle solvable using ...
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General puzzle categories and: Are there any emotional puzzles?

I'm not sure the title of this question is the best one - feel free to edit it - but I have a question on puzzles in general: Most puzzles I know (and surely most puzzles on this site) fall into the ...
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Assumption Needed when Solving Puzzle

When solving a logic puzzle, at times, one must make an assumption in order for a solution to be found. For example, in this perfectly good logic puzzle, it had to be assumed that the characters knew ...
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