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Raven's Progressive Matrices or similar puzzles: visual designs with a missing piece, often a 3x3 matrix with a corner missing, and a number of choices to pick from and fill in the missing piece

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12 answers

Mensa online IQ test question - big and small squares on a horizontal line

Doing the Mensa online IQ test at, I was puzzled by this exercise. I understand that asking for answers like this kind of defeats the entire purpose of the test, but it's stuck ...
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21 votes
2 answers

Culture fair question - boxes, angles, lines

Select the correct choice from the bottom 6 options to fill the final box above the horizontal line. I stumbled upon this seemingly difficult question while doing a Mensa practice test. I have since ...
7 votes
12 answers

Mensa question - groups of three white, shaded, black squares [closed]

I've tried to solve this question (Exercise 31) in many ways but I couldn't figure out the logic behind this. $\Space{100pt}{0px}{0px}$
6 votes
4 answers

IQ test sample patterns

I was solving the sample problems for my school's IQ society and there are some I don't get. Since all I get is a final score, I wanted to ask puzzling if someone might be able to make things clearer. ...
4 votes
1 answer

IQ Test question - vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines within a square

Which of the six tiles below is missing? I honestly do not know the answer. I took a screenshot of this from an online IQ test a while back. If you know where it is from, please let me know, and I ...
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15 votes
2 answers

4x4 Colorful Raven's Progressive Matrices

What will be the missing tile? The colorblind version is available here.
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4 answers

Mensa sample IQ test questions - 3x3 grids with shapes, 4x4 grids with colored cells

I found these questions in a sample IQ test for Mensa. Any ideas? Source: Mensa Denmark IQ test
3 votes
2 answers

3 IQ Test patterns - 3x3 grids of 3x3 grids with Xs, circles, squares, shading

I'm stuck on these questions and I don't really know why. The more I look at them, the more I get confused. I can't seem to get the pattern here. What pattern do you see and what do you believe to be ...
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1 answer

Reasoning exercise - coloured hexagons and lines

All rules apply either to all rows or columns. It's obvious to me that the blue lines in the background add up from left to right. With this rule you can reduce the amount of possible solutions down ...
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Progressive Matrix question - shaded and unshaded circles in squares

This puzzle is part of the openly available questions from a book. I'm trying to solve it, but cannot find any solution to it. The book inside preview says the answer is top right one (two solid ...
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IQ test matrix question - circles and squares on a vertical line

Another IQ question from the Mensa Romania app. What is the answer, and why?