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Questions tagged [probability]

A mathematical puzzle whose essential nature involves randomness. Use with [mathematics]

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In an infinite maze of squares with p% walls, will you be boxed in?

If you are in an infinite maze of squares, where each border between two squares has a $p$% chance of being a wall, what is the probability $F(p)$ that you are trapped in a finite space? For a better ...
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Will you win the game?

You play a gambling game. On 100 folded pieces of papers are written 100 different values. You cannot see the numbers written on the folded pieces of paper, which are grouped in a pile. You pay 10 ...
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Impossible Minesweeper?

I was playing the game Minesweeper earlier today and came across the following situation: (Look at the bottom-middle section of the gameboard.) It seems to me that either of the two diagonal pathways ...
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