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Questions tagged [poetry]

Puzzles that are presented in the form of any of the various types of poetry.

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Ode to a Nightingale: a puzzling study in literary criticism

The field of literary criticism is an interesting and fruitful one, in which puzzlers might carve out a niche. This was recently brought home by a conversation I had with a sagacious old gentleman in ...
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Shrouded Sonnets on the Sable Tablet

Enter from the north and traverse the path unseen. Left, right, up, or down, your choices shall glean. With each step, leave not your path behind, For only those who dare to venture shall find. So ...
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The Mantra Riddle

A sentence that can never fail A broken foot without its tail Almost there... reverse one sound By turns mundane and quite profound. The mantra is your compass then Your watch to know exactly when It ...
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What is poetry, What is time, What is rhythm, What is rhyme?

The sun that hides underneath his belt, a new horizon, that none shall melt. What is a bird that never flies, or a heart that never dies? Can a man be saved by grace alone, or runs a river that cries. ...
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