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For puzzles on spotting an odd-one-out item in a list.

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Who is the impostor?

C, the new head of a certain intelligence agency, is aware that there is an impostor hiding among the ranks. In order to find the impostor, he has decided to ask all field agents to immediately link ...
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Which one is odd one out? [closed]

This question was asked in CSIR June 16. Out of the following which one is the odd one out? Cone Torus Sphere Ellipsoid Well in my point of view, cone, sphere and ellipsoid are topologically ...
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Need help to find more missing tiles

Thanks to all your help in (What is the letter?), I was able to fix my mother's tile! Unfortunately, as clumsy as I am, as I was patching this tile up, I smashed a few more. There's a letter/s missing ...
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Find the odd number out (from math book)

Found this in my brother's math book, we tried to solve it but didn't manage to find any solution. Apology if it it too easy, but we really tried to find it. ...
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Someone graffiti'd my task list!

I need to perform some maintenance on my house, so the first thing I usually do is write a list of things I need to fix and what is wrong with them. I had it all written down so I went for a quick nap ...
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Owls at sunset - find the odd one out

Quite contrary to the common belief, owls are very social animals and indeed form flocks or rather tightly bound families with a common social codex. At sunset, they all meet before going on their ...
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Questions from IQ test that I couldn't find reasonable answers for

So I was solving my's questions and later when I saw the results, had answered these 4 wrongly, but even after getting to know the right answer, I couldn't manage to find logic for these. ...
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