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For puzzles on spotting an odd-one-out item in a list.

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Owls at sunset - find the odd one out

Quite contrary to the common belief, owls are very social animals and indeed form flocks or rather tightly bound families with a common social codex. At sunset, they all meet before going on their ...
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Identify the grid that does not fit into the pattern

In the two rows the grids in each row form a pattern, so there are two patterns and they are similar to each other but not the same. One element (either in the upper or lower row) breaks the pattern. ...
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Which family member doesn’t belong?

My second older brother is a dangerous man, a pig who gorges himself on all our land. He hurt our mother’s feelings (called her a cow), so she hurt him back from belly to brow. My oldest ...
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Odd One Out Riddle *1* [closed]

Draden (me) gives you a notebook with 10 sentences, and you must find the odd one out. The sentences are as follows: Look at that airplane high in the sky. They walked across the lake. The tree is on ...
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Pick the odd one out: 146, 821, 704, 603 [closed]

I am preparing for an exam, and I came across this puzzle(aptitude) question. The question is to Pick the 'odd one out' and there are four options given. 146, 821, 704, 603 The correct answer is 603....
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