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Puzzles that use number properties such as even and odd, multiples of numbers, part of a well-known sequence (i.e. Fibonacci) or theorem (Pythagorean relations) or others in part of the method to solve the question.

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I'm a number with a special product, so name me when you think you've got it

In the blocks that come before, their special product tells us more. To guess my scheme you'll need calculation, but only little tests of recreation. Each block contains atoms strong as Thor, ...
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What is a Good Pasta Number™?

This puzzle is inspired by JLee's What is a Word/Phrase™ series and the subsequent "Number" variants. (Actually, I'd originally tried to create a more original puzzle using the same idea, ...
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Can you find the missing letters?

A pattern of letters has had letters 10 through 20 deleted. Your job is to find out what letters should go in spots 10-20. Here is the pattern: a, b, c, d, d, d, f, e, f, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, ...
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I wonder what that would be

This is my own puzzle. Consider the following Alice begins march for peace in East Bengal along with Gandhi Bentley celebrated the first Bahia Independence Day Catherine saw the starting of the Great ...
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Two-column table of numbers from a geocaching site

I found this table, but can't seem to find any relation between the numbers. Also there is not much logic involved. 2002 13 1987 11 1984 5 1998 6 2004 22 1999 12 ???? ?? A table with numbers. ...
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