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A puzzle designed to be solved without using calculators, online decoders, or computer programming. Using a computer to type and post the answer is allowed; the spirit of this tag is to make people solve the puzzle on their own.

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What is my favorite brand of pen?

This is an entry to the Monthly Topic Challenge #3: Pencil and Paper Games Given the following tic-tac-toe boards: What is my favorite brand of pen? Other possible tags to check your work: solvable-...
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7 votes
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Hand tiling - 4x inflated pentominoes with pentominoes and tetrominos

This is a manual tiling puzzle. Difficulty level always hard to estimate, but I would say a few minutes per solution for an accomplished solver, all the way to just about impossible for someone like ...
2 votes
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Find the next terms in this sequence. 4,82,1

Find the next few terms X, X, X. in this sequence Give your reasoning 4, 82, 1, 14, 84, 88, 0, 82, 81, 22, 12, X, X, X
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